Monday, February 27, 2012

DM-ing can be frustrating

Saturday's session was frustrating and instead of having to break up around 10pm for those players that needed to get home to their families, I ended up ending the session at 9:30.

I don't want to point fingers at anyone individually so I'm not going to go into detail (in case they read this here blog).  And I'm not entirely sure that its any of the players' fault.

As I dwelt upon it, I've realised that when I last had a regular group that I DM'd for, it was back in 1992 and nearly everyone was military.  And why is that important?  Because everyone was used to being presented a scenario with basic assumptions and then were able to work together in accomplishing the tasks necessary to realize their goals.

We still had odd-ball characters, inter-party strife, randomness, etc.; in other words, fun.  But we didn't seem to get distracted by every little thing or have PC groups within the PC group.

Does any of this make sense?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gender limitations on ability scores

Males and females are different in the real world.  This is true for humans and all other animals.

Since the 1E Player's Handbook doesn't differentiate between male and female except for strength, I really don't see the issue that has reared its head lately.  As a matter of fact, the industry's insistence to be inclusive of females and their feelings/self-esteem was a big turn-off for me.  Frankly I was shocked at the amount of gender mamby-pamby when I picked up the 3.0 AD&D core books and I lost interest in playing it anymore.

So go ahead and call me what you will, but I will continue to treat females in my fantasy campaigns as females.  Yes, there will be the occasionally exceptional female character, however I won't bend over backward to elevate females to help a player's self-esteem.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Using Niven's Ringworld as a fantasy setting

Using Niven's Ringworld as a fantasy setting!

Has anyone done this?  Would it work?  Psionics instead of magic.  Plausible reasons for multiple sentient creatures.  Massive amount of surface area.

I think I may want to try doing this.  Any pros or cons you would share?