Saturday, August 6, 2011

Going back for seconds

I decided to raid the Columbia Borders to see if they had any Essentials products, especially the Dungeon Master's Kit, and I hit the jackpot.  Whereas the Annapolis Borders had been picked almost to the point where a Gelatinous Cube wouldn't find much of a meal, the Columbia store had tons of stuff.  Not only the other Essentials, but about 30 of the splat books, plus a number of other RPG products, mostly WFRP 3E.

So I picked up the Dungeon Master's Kit, The Wilderness tile set, The Shadowfell box set, DN1 & DN2 (dungeon tiles) and the Forgotten Realms hardcover.

So my two trips to Borders looking for bargains netted me around $275 worth of D&D materials all for around $185.  I would have gone to the FLGS, but I'm glad I decided to bargain shop first.  I'll go there when I use the remaining bit from my windfall for the missing Battletech core rulebook and maybe a few minis.

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