Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm still standing

I'm still here, just busy.  Even though I no longer am employed to prepare corporate taxes, I still get busy during tax season.  Firstly, because the Wife works for a CPA and her life gets hectic, making the rest of the household's life hectic.  Secondly, because I still need to be there for family members with their business and personal taxes.

Add to that the beginning of girls lacrosse and the demands on the coach to go to training, trying to remember how to line the playing fields (lacrosse has to have the most bizzare field markings of all sports) and getting 3&4 grade girls to pay attention.

To top it off, the Wife and I have been saving (including gift cards from the In-Laws) for a new kitchen floor.  A couple of weeks ago, the Wife informed me that it is time to put in the new floor and that since we have a trip to Atlantic City for her birthday and the following weekend we will be taking our girls LAX team to the opening tourney, we only had this weekend just past to put in the new floor.

One trip to the hardwood store later to verify (and buy, but the Wife forgot the gift cards), I find out that we are also replacing the counter-top.  Halfway through putting in the floor early Saturday afternoon, I find out that we will also repaint the kitchen since we have everything pulled out.  I don't know how WE survived the weekend!  Thankfully, the full was a snap, and I didn't screw up my calculations for cutting the counter top.  Two more cuts tonight and some gluing and I should be ready to put the kitchen plumbing back together.  It was worth it though, the kitchen looks great.

The funniest thing though for the entire weekend?  Over the course of two days, I used four different saws and made over 50 cuts.  What did I end up slicing my finger with?  My tape measure!!