Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still not on the list - I declare a FLAME WAR!

Cyclopeatron has posted the latest list of hot Olde Skool blogs on the interwebs, ranked by number of followers.  There is also a list based on follower gain over the past three weeks.  I left him a message that I have two followers, if you count myself and that I am old.

Cyclopeatron did reply, stating that inclusion on the list required that this here blog needed to 'Old School' covering pre-1985 gaming.  I'm old school though, even if I don't focus on pre-'85 gaming.  Why?  I'm not sure, but I think its because I am older and the game changed during the period I had to take my hiatus from gaming and the mindset of the younger gamers is just different.

Earlier this year, while trying out a new to me game group and learning 4E, I had one of the regulars tell me I was doing it wrong.  And in my current 4E game on Fantasy Grounds, I get the feeling that goofy Adel is the only playing in character.  I just think that the current mindset is to not roleplay at all.  Now if I had to choose whether to play a game with no roleplaying versus a game where the bard had to be able to compose and sing ballads, I'd definitely choose the first choice.

So in the effort to increase traffic, please flame me in the comments section for being or not being sufficiently 'Old School'.  Thank you, come again.


  1. Owww, owww! You've twisted my arm enough! You're on the list already! :)

  2. One other thing - it's too late to add you to the 240 blog ranking simply because I can't manage to redo the ranking every time I learn about a new blog. You will definitely be represented in any similar lists in the future!

  3. No worries man. And thanks for the add.