Monday, September 27, 2010

The further adventures of Adelbert Vaksmann, Part III

We've had a few issues with our Sunday night game over the last few weeks, illness, visitors, hardware difficulties and software issues, but last night we had a full party and outside of one or two crashes, we had a full, fun session.

Tonight found the party in the room that housed the hell-hounds, where the party had ended the prior session taking a short rest.  Adelbert was about 75% of max hit points, but had all of his daily-ies, so he wasn't terribly concerned when he checked the door opposite of the entrance to the current room and found that it was both locked and trapped.  With Zeril, the Deva, poking him to go faster and being a general nuisance, Adel goofed somewhere (not sure how bad, the DM uses a tower and I wasn't privy to Adel's roll) and received a needle to his cheek and the poison was enough to bloody him.

Adel finished removing the trap and unlocking the door and let the others lead the way into the adjacent room.  Within a few feet of the door, black curtains hung from ceiling to floor and a terrible corpse-rotting stench emanated from the room.  Oren, our dragon-born warrior, strode into the room, followed by the pain-in-the-ass Deva, Zeril.  Zeril feeling brave stuck his head through the curtain and saw a room with four mirrors, an altar and a statue of a well muscled human.  Zeril immediately withdrew his head and exited the room, complaining of a weird feeling.  Those watching saw a misty essence in the shape of Zeril tear away from him as he exited the room and then the essence disappeared through the curtain.

The party then debated if we should enter the room.  We reminded ourselves that we had told the ghostly Duke that we would not disturb anymore crypts except in the removal of the orcs and cultists in exchange for the undead leaving us alone.  Despite the hell hounds presence, the party decided that the room probably didn't have anything to do with orcs and cultists, not wanting to chance distrubing the ghouls again.

We re-entered the main hallway again and proceed to continue in the direction we were originally travelling.  Adel was leading the way, trying to peer around the corner with Zeril poking and proding him to hurry up.  We made the turn and realized the hallway was sloping upwards and we started to worry that we missed the entrance to the lower lever when we saw a door up ahead on our right.

Seeing weak light and hearing some noise, Adel opened the door, sees a long hallway and crept inside.  Suddenly Oren comes storming through the door, pushing Adel aside.  Oren turns into one of the crypt alcoves where some light is coming from and runs into some Hobgoblin minions.  Next thing, bugbears and orcs come streaming out of the doors further down the hallway and battle is underway.

Due to the narrowness of the hallway, Adel spent most of the combat watching the action, but did find a chance towards the end to sneak in and get a whack at a bugbear.  When the last one finally fell, we searched the room at the end of the hallway and found a mirror-esque type device whose reflection showed the room with the black curtains.  While the party contemplated the meaing of the mirror, Adel and Kys were searching the crypts and a tunnel was found.  Therefore the party decided to take an extended rest before proceeding down the tunnel.

So, that is where we left it.  The DM said we'd pick it up at the decision so we could check for randon encounters during the extended rest.

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