Friday, September 10, 2010

Ashes of Middenheim, Prolouge.

I haven't GM-ed a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game since the early 90s, which of course was 1st edition WFRP, not the 2nd edition I'm currently using.  Additionally, this is my first foray into GM-ing any game on Fantasy Grounds II.  And since I've got back into gaming about 3 years ago, this is only the third game I've run, two being one-shot Traveller adventures.

In order to make sure I am up to speed, both with the RPG and Fantasy Grounds, I am running the initial scenario that comes with the 2nd edition rulebook which preludes the separate campaign, Ashes of Middenheim.  So far the party consists of  a dwarf hunter named Grimbor Ironmane, a human thief named Bastien Beckenbauer, and another human Erasmus, a militiaman.  We not really sure how these folks got together, but we know why:

All of you grew up listening to stories of the Great War Against Chaos. The Tale of Magus the Pious and his victory over the armies of chaos is well known. While there have been wars and threats in the 200 years since, there has been nothing on that scale. Until now. This year Chaos Lord Archaon invaded the Empire with five mighty armies. They swept down from the Chaos Wastes, ranks filled with mutant warriors, nightmarish monsters, and power-mad sorcerers. Flagellants and other prophets of doom declared these the End Times. And as these armies pillaged and burned their way through the northern provinces of the Empire, it was easy to believe.

You've heard endless stories over the past few months. They say that Sigmar once again walked the earth. They say an army of wolves attacked the Kislevian city of Erengrad. They say the dead rose from their graves to defend the Empire. They say a mighty victory was won at Middenheim. They say a plague has choked the streets of Talabheim with bloated corpses.

You can only believe what is in front of your eyes. your are in the town of Untergard in the Drakwald Forest. A nine-day battle took place here, as Beastmen tried to force their way across the town's great bridge. They were rebuffed but the price was high. The town is in ruins and its remaining citizens struggle to survive. The Imperial army has long since moved on from Untergard, leaving behind only its dead. You've heard tell of more battles up north but the war here seems over. Or so you hope.
The players have been in town for a few days, just passing through, but stuck because of the bad weather.  They awake to find a commotion at the nearby plaza and upon investigation understand that a special announcement was planned among other rumors and such (all the players rolled terribly when it came to making their gossip checks, so a little help was necessary).  As the watch captain, the nominal leader of the remainder of the town's citizens, announced to those in attendance that the Baron of Middenheim had sent some bread and wine to the town, mutants attacked from across the river.  The watch captain and two watchmen, with major help from the PCs, quickly dispatched three of the mutants, making the fourth scurry back across the bridge and flee through the ruins.

As the excitement ended, word arrives from the town's main gate that they were also attacked at the same time, but were able to beat it back with minimal losses.  It would seem that the bridge attack was a diversion, but thanks to the PCs, forces needed at the main gate were not diverted to the bridge.  But bad news shortly followed, as Hans, a local woodsman that had been gone for about week, arrived with survivors from nearby villages and farms with news that a 200-strong herd of Beastmen were heading thier way.

After heated debate, the watch captain has decided to evacuate town for Middenheim, some 6 days away.  The townsfolk are told to enjoy what the Baron has provided, for in the morning, they are leaving at first light.  The PCs find themselves in the position to either help, or depart on thier merry way.

We also had a player make an apprentice wizard, but he wasn't available for Wednesday night.  And we are still getting interest by a few people, so maybe we'll have 6 for the next session.

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  1. It's a nice feeling to have 6 players, but for my regular group I'm trying to cut down to 5. I've handled as many as 8 outside the group lately, but I'm reaaly feeling 5 is my true comfort zone these days. But hey, any number is better than zero, eh? Good luck with the next session.