Sunday, February 6, 2011

Updated Hexographer map

I decided to make a few corrections to major trade routes, trying to make sure that all A & B -class starports were included without too many backwaters were included.  I also added an old Dominion jurisdiction marker from back in the days before the rebellion/civil war devastated the subsector capitol at hex 0707, now a desert world with less than 100,000 persons.

This doesn't quite meet the Traveller maps that many seem to be able to put together, but it will work for my purposes of solo play and universe development.  Please feel free to critique.

A map key:
  • the ring indicates the presence of Gas Giants in the system
  • blue - water is present on mainworld
  • white - no water is present on mainworld
  • yellow - there are fluid oceans on mainworld, but not H20
  • star - Naval base
  • triangle - Scout base
  • spear - Research facility
  • pi - TAS facility
  • red diamond - Pirate base

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