Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Levels Mean.

I was perusing my copy of Gangbusters and came across this little gem (page 20):

A first level policeman is a rookie, and will spend
most of his time dealing with other PCs and NPCs who also are
first level. A fifth level policeman deserves much more respect,
will handle tougher cases and will be able to associate more
easily with social and political leaders. Law enforcement officers
who reach 10th level or higher are living legends, and the
mere mention of their name will strike terror into lower-level
I've played with too many players that with 1st level characters, they'll already living legends in thier mind.  I'll have to remember to keep knocking them down until they really are at that level.

Now back to watching tutorials for Fantasy Grounds.


  1. Hey, its Code (AKA DC). I had no idea you were a PnP RPGer. I've been getting into 4e pretty hardcore lately. Have a regular game once a week but I am looking for something else on weekends.

    Stumbled across your profile over at FG. How funny.

  2. I know a few Codes, which one you be?

    As to the gaming, hells yeah I'm a geeky PnP'r. I just got tired of hiding it.