Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, I'm about two weeks behind on the adventures of Adelbert the Rogue.  Its coming, soon.  My Battletech/Stargrunt game for tomorrow is cancelled; half of the crew had something come up, so I'll probably just be tinkering around with my Traveller Sandbox or the homework I have to do for my Starcluster3 Beta session on Thursday.  Its either that or go catch up on yardwork that has been neglected for the last couple of weeks (thank you real life, i.e. job).

I've got feelers out for both a Traveller sandbox game on Pen and Paper Games Chat and a Warhammer Fantasy roleplay game on Fantasy Grounds II.  And I'm toying with the notion of running a pre-4E Forgotton Realms 4E game on Fantasy Grounds II.

More sometime today or tomorrow.

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