Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to catch up

Over a month from my last post....what can I say, life happens.

The family and I went down to St. Pete's, actually Maderia Beach, for a little r&r.  The mother-in-law had found a place on the beach that wasn't terrible, not far from our friends vacation home.  They made it down the day before we left, so we hung out and let the kids play the night before.  Between the little one's eye infection and weather that didn't cooperate, the vacation was a little bit of a wash.  That and the fact that the Wife's grandmother is temporarily in an assisted living place and is in pretty bad shape (in fact, they told her this week that they feel it is time to make it permanent).

Work is crazy as usual.  Between board meetings, personnel issues, the close of the CDC grant year and the close of our fiscal year, I've been kept pretty busy.  Between now and early August I have to finish closing the books and writing the financial statements.  Then it is time for the audit fieldwork and we should slow back down again by the later part of the month.

In addition to all the work stuff, I've been trying to set up a EZ setup pool we purchased in early June.  There has been nothing easy in the process at all.  After two attempts to level the ground and fill the pool, we ended up hiring someone with a bobcat to level us some ground for the pool.  We eventually got the pool up running this past weekend.

After getting back from vacation, I joined my first game using a VTT, or virtual tabletop.  I had played around with maptools and openrpg, but liked the professional ones a little better and picked up Fantasy Grounds II.  Being the non-internet/java/codemonkey that I am, I was having a hard time figuring out how to use it, so I looked for a game to join to get my feet wet.  We are using the 4E ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II.

The group will regularly meet on Sunday evenings, even though we had a session tonight to make up for one we missed due to the DM travelling for work.  So after two sessions I really like FGII and I really can't complain about 4E at all.  I'm playing a rogue this time, so there is a little adjustment from playing the defender.  But both the players and DM have been patient and I'm feeling pretty good about the opportunities to game more often to continue to expand.

With the Wife and Little One going to NJ for the weekend, I've got a poker game at my sister's tomorrow night, an all day Battletech game Saturday and the next session for 4E Sunday evening.  I'm in gaming heaven, at least for a weekend.

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