Monday, March 12, 2012

Tabletop Forge for Google+

I haven't done any gaming via Google+ yet, but I stumbled across an app someone is creating for Google+ that will add a battlemap and dice roller, among other things.  It's called Tabletop Forge and it looks pretty nice so far.

I don't see anything on the site about whether there is going to be a price.  Anyone know anything about that?  I would like free, but probably wouldn't mind paying for a product I actually use (unlike Fantasy Grounds II, which became too cumbersome and had too may connection issues and was too pricey for new users).


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  2. Hi there, I am the guy writing Tabletop Forge. It's going to be free with a possible Kickstarter for money for a laptop and maybe some token/map packs.

    1. I don't mind paying a small fee or even a larger fee to be the GM, however I found trying to get people to shell out money for Fantasy Grounds II limited my reach in getting people to play. If you are going to do some testing and need a player, I'd be more than happy to volunteer. Once I figure it out, I could supplement my face to face games with some online.