Friday, February 3, 2012

Using Niven's Ringworld as a fantasy setting

Using Niven's Ringworld as a fantasy setting!

Has anyone done this?  Would it work?  Psionics instead of magic.  Plausible reasons for multiple sentient creatures.  Massive amount of surface area.

I think I may want to try doing this.  Any pros or cons you would share?


  1. Pro - Way cool setting.

    Cons - Ridiculously large scope.

    Ringworld is big - waay big - the surface of the Earth is but a drop in a swimming pool on Niven's Ringworld. A trillion people wouldn't be noticed.

    Conflict over land for food or just plain 'breeding room' would be hard to justify. Conflict over raw materials would make more sense - since you just can't mine minerals there. But still - the scope is HUGE. Hard to imagine conflict occurring at all between groups at all because they just diffuse into the landscape. Control of high tech artifacts/complexes might be the biggest thing to fight over.

    As much as I love Niven's ringworld, I'd be more apt to move things to a Halo sized ringworld - it's easier to wrap my head around.

    - Ark

  2. Yeah, the size is a factor, but of course you don't map the whole thing. In the books (its been awhile but I just picked up Ringworld's Children at the library)there are areas which are flat projections of homeworlds. The 'magic gates' which allow instant access to other parts of the world would be major areas of conflict.

  3. The setting might feel a little like Robert Silverberg's Majipoor stories with the size of landmass, mix of tech and fantasy, etc. You could play it using EPT which would give the right blend.

  4. @Kobold - Don't know why your comment was in the spam box. I can't say I've ever read any of Silverberg's writing except his collaborations with Asimov. Going to local book fair Saturday, so I'll see if I can find Lord Valentine's Castle.