Friday, September 9, 2011

You know you are starting to get old when....

.... while making dinner, you lose the ability to use your left thumb without tremendous pain and at the subsequent doctor visit are informed that you have gout.

I come out of the patient room and tell my wife that the doctor said it is probably gout and she looks at me quizzically and says, "Gout, that's an old man disease."  Thanks dear, way to make someone approaching his 43rd birthday feel better.


  1. I worked at a law firm several years ago, and one of the mailroom guys was staggering around with gout in his big toe. The dude was around 23 years old. So it ain't just for old men.

    I think Hank Hill's son on King of the Hill had gout in an episode from eating too much cured meat from the New York style deli. Have you been horking down the salami and chopped liver a lot these days?

  2. Hmmm, salami, almost as good as bacon. Yeah the wife has been on a salami kick the last few weeks. Looks like something else I need to avoid.