Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Microsoft - Problems and Solutions

I had my XBox 360 account hacked about two months ago.  I had been up late on Saturday night and early Sunday morning was checking my email and notice confirmations about purchases I supposedly made after I turned off the Xbox.  I called my credit card company and they were extremely helpful.  However, getting in touch with Microsoft was not easy and the effort to resolve the situation was more than I bargained for.  But in the end, Microsoft came through and did more than the right thing.

When I finally got hold of someone at XBox, I was told that my account was to be suspended for 5 to 10 days while they investigate the breach of my account.  Okay, no problem, I can survive without going online for a week or two.  So after about 10 days, I still hadn't heard anything, so I gave Xbox another call.  Guess what, they sent the case to a country that didn't support English!

So the investigation had to be started all over again.  So 10 days later, still no communication from XBox and another call to the customer service line.  This time I'm given the run around by the rep and excuses about how busy they, etc., etc.  So I wait another week or so and the Friday before Memorial Day I get an email from Microsoft cancelling my account.  What the Hell?!?!?

So during my lunch break I get Xbox back on the line to bitch.  Well, they had resolved it and I should be getting an email with a new code for my account shortly.  And the code for my account was for 12 months extending my current year 5 months.  So yeah, I lost two months of online time (and for me that is about the only thing I do on it) and got the two months back plus 3 more.

So the lesson here is that customer service reps suck where ever you go, but sometimes companies don't need to be hit with the cluebat to compensate customers because the reps suck.

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