Thursday, May 19, 2011

4-day weekend-W00t!

I'm moving back into my office after getting new furniture - goodbye government surplus desk and filing cabinets, circa 1950.  And I'm taking Friday and Monday off from work so I can, drum roll please, work at home!  We had a mini-tornado tear through our yard one night in the early winter and I'll be spending some time this weekend removing the last bit of debris, trying to fix the shed and prepping the inflatable pool for summer.  But before you feel sorry for my Staycation! Work-holiday, I will be making it to the new Games Workshop Battle Bunker in Bowie MD on Saturday. 

I'm also leaving my laptop at work over the long weekend so the IT tech can come in and upgrade the office computer, so I'll probably won't get back online until Tuesday.  Unless Microsoft gets their lame-ass act together and gets my XBox 360 account back up.  But that is a story for later.......

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