Friday, March 26, 2010

Finding a new game group

Long story short (I started to write my entire gaming life story), after years of not have a face-to-face non-XBox gaming group, I've been looking for one when time allows for the past 3 years. Last year I received an invitation to game with the Hero's Guild of Maryland at a mini-con they were hosting at the FLGS. They were attempting to broaden the local gaming pool with both people and different games. It has been pretty successful and I've enjoyed the sessions I've been able to make it too; I'm even running a Traveller game for the April mini-con.

The problem I've run into though is that while the FLGS is only about 30 minutes away just outside the south side of Baltimore, most of the gamers I am meeting reside in Baltimore or on the north side. This has made finding a group most difficult, I drive enough for my daily commute, I really don't want to drive an hour to and an hour back from a game. (This is why unfortunately I stopped going to my monthly Battletech game, 1 hour there, 10 to 12 hours of gaming and then 1 hour home).
About a month ago, I found a group in Odenton, about 10 miles away (15 minutes due to crossing over major traffic arteries) and they were looking for players. So far so great; you couldn't ask for a nicer group of people. However, it is high-fantasy and 4E.
Now, I don't have any true opinion in the Version Wars, so I'm not a hater just ranting about how I remember the old days and this new stuff sucks. Well, that isn't entirely true, even though I wasn't gaming at the time, I did pick up the 3E Core books and D20 Modern shortly after they first issued, and I hated the D&D books. Absolutely hated them; too PC, who ever heard of a female Paladin, etc., etc. D20 Modern didn't bother me, but for some reason the D&D ones did.
Well anyway, the only gripe I have with 4E is trying to find stuff. It doesn't feel familiar, but I guess that will grow. I love the art work and the books look nice (if not pricey).
But for some reason, I am just not getting into the game. I've been perusing my copy of Pendragon 5E and the Great Pendragon Campaign wishing I had a local group to play it with. I think my days of playing the gritty Warhammer Fantasy has really tempered me or I'm just turning into an over the hill curmudgeon.

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